After seemingly unsurpassable difficulties and copyright infringements, our efforts finally gained fruit. What is left is the joy of the creation, the progress, promises for the future and an exceptional range of products.


Determined, we keep the positive and move on. Proving this, when we started with 8 recipes, only in the time between September 2007 to May 2008 did the collapse transform to creation, under awful situation, having however as a result 46 new, unique and globally trademarked recipes of cosmetic medicine.
We didn’t avoid the problem, yet we fought it. Maybe ’’c’est écrit dans le ciel‘‘.

I feel obliged to express my gratitude to my Teachers in the Medical School of the University of Athens, who provided me with the knowledge and the strength to move on.

➢ Mr. Ioakeimoglou, prof. of Pharmacology of the University of Athens,

➢ Mr. Ch. Maltezos, prof. of Psysiology of the University of Athens,

➢ Mr. Eleptheriou, pr. of Pathological Anatomy (personal communication and advices),

➢ Mr. Foteinos, prof. of Dermatology of the University of Athens,

➢ Mr. Emannouil Emmanouil, academic professor of the University of Athens. A source of valuable knowledge from his work on medicine manufacturing (1931).

➢ Professor Geraint James, Royal Northern Hospital London,

➢ Professor of Medical Oncology Gordon Hamilton Fairley,

➢ Professor of Medical Oncology L. A. Leone,

➢ Professor of Medical Oncology R. D. S. Rhys – Lewis.

➢ To all my Professors at the Medical School of Athens University and the Management of the University of Athens in particular Professors. Drs. Goutas, Tsamboulas and Daikos.

➢ And personally my soul gives a grate thank you and my gratitude to his mighty God.


Cosmetic products of Mrs. K. Moulopoulou – Karakitsou (Adjunct Professor of Dermatology), D. Rigopoulou (Lecturer of Dermatology of the University of Athens) and Ι.D. Stratigou (Professor of Dermatology of the University of Athens).

Various reference books from the Department of Pharmacology and Chemistry of the University of Athens. Study of English, American and Canadian Medicine Manufacturing. Book COSMETOLOGY, G. Th. Papaioannou, Professor of the Pharmacology Department of the University of Athens.

Book of A.Th. Triviza, phD, M.S.C., “Designing Technology of Fundamental Cosmetic Forms”. Old and modern bibliography, dermatology magazines etc.

I have to express my grateful thanks to a lady friend of my mother Mrs. Jennie Jhinnie, the woman who gave me, as a personal gift, the original synthesis of Kaymaki cream, well known in her area, in Smyrnie, Minor Asia, in 1948. You can, she told me to make creams, when you are a doctor. So perhaps you may improve the quality of that cream and make lady’s more pretty. Studying my medicine, I was trying to learn everything on cosmetic products, working in a local pharmacy in Piraeus Greece, mainly with local prescriptions from chemists and pharmacists. After my registration in the medical school of Athens University in 1954, I started to get in touch with the chemical and pharmaceutical school of Athens University starting in 1957, when I was a medical student in my 3rd year. With my son John, we achieved to have the resent synthesis of Kaymaki Polis Ladies between 1997 - 1999, adding 20 more elements in the old prescription. Mrs. Jennie Jhinnie was born in Smyrnie, and used to live in Piraeus Greece. Grateful thanks again to her. Dr. Savvas J. Lionis

I would like to thank all the old and new associates that helped with their friendly participation.