Note: From the President, C.E.O., and creator Dr. S. J. Lionis

Welcome to So Natural

So Natural formulas are products of love. Of course there have been vast difficulties and unavoidable barriers, especially when one insists to materialize his vision. Those are like the labor pain and were brought up in the brink of a ruthless market. Illegally means to intimidate us were used, in order to compete our values.

So Natural and its products are based on the vast medical experience and pharmacotechnical research of Dr. Savvas Lionis.

The passion and Dr. Lionis' creativeness for cosmetology initially pushed him to create cosmetics while practicing his main field, Oncology. For 40 years, he studied the international pharmacotechnology, searched for old "wise" nature and tradition's recipes, tried them and enriched with a valuable medical knowledge and prowness. He created unique cosmetic formulas, which only close friends had the privilege to try and use them. In 2000, that which has started as a hobby, was placed on the basis of a modern business plan, and thus, So Natural One Dr Lionis Perfumes and Creams was created. There were obstacles inevitably, where a ruthless market keeps no space for the right values. However, with inspiration, persistence, knowledge and in collaboration with his research team, 54 unique and globally patented recipes were created to treat face and body and combine the knowledge and security af the medical science with the wisdom of the nature ideally. From this valuable heritage, So Natural recommends to its old and new friends three modern unique products and applying Plutarch's philosophy, that "everything is achieved through patience and persistence", moves on opening new ways to the future. What remains, is the joy of creation, the progress and of course an excellent line of products.

So, this is So Natural: dreams that beautify in a jar!

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Our Company, So Natural Dr. Lionis Cosmetics achieved the last 10th years, with great effort, to improve all products (face and body creams), regenerating the old ones and starting new fresh and improved prescriptions. That was a great pharmacodynamics improvement of the products which came gradually, with all the staff working hard silently, creatively and achieved to create fresh new products and new trademarks. The Ladies will criticizeour work, helping us to make the last changes and improvement. As we have to do a lot of changes and improvements, we need time to make the last trials. So, we are not going to sell in the market any kind of products, unless we clarify the least detail and the ladies will be, we hope, satisfied and happy. After we check our last prescriptions, a note of information will be issued when the company will be ready to make products in Greece and abroad.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Savvas J. Lionis