Rich Hydrating & Nourishing Cream - 24 Hour Protection

A prolonged hydrating cream with two Sun-protective filters without conservatives.

For the fine treatment and daily care of dry and sensitive skin, we created a new pioneer cream.

It combines hydration with protection.




The above privilege is due to a new substance, which is hydrating your skin 75% more for the next 8 hours according to proved scientific studies.
A necessary cream for dehydrated and with lack of elasticity skins; you can avoid, though, all these symptoms by using THE CREAM IN ADVANCE.
The cream gives the correct amount of greasiness that the skin needs, it is easily absorbed and helps your skin regain its healthy appearance.
The presence of Uva and UVb anti-sun filters protects your skin from the harmful sun rays and the dry atmosphere.



Constant care hydrates your skin, smoothes it and leaves no sense of pulling. A new natural herbal conservation proves the top and constantly advancing quality of our products in our laboratories.



Also protects your skin from external irritation (sun-irradiation, dry and cold atmosphere) restores the liidic Keratin layer (stratum corneum), hydrates regulating the humidity level, leaving a shining skin with real natural beauty.



In the morning, after cleaning your face first, apply enough quantity of the cream doing with your fingers cycles and upward movements. Let the special substances of your cream to treat your skin all day long. NEW PACKAGING of 50 ml.



Please remember to keep closed the cover of the jars of the creams and all products, to be stored in a cool and dry please.
Dr. Savvas J. Lionis



All So Natural creams have a very light aroma so you can use your own perfume as you wish