Innovative Super Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Aging Cream - 24 Hour Protection

A pioneer product based on a new Cosmetic material, able to eliminate the muscle spasms responsible for the expression wrinkles.





The action of that material on the skin is very much alike to the medical botox but on a cosmetic level. It’s a herbal product, very rich in fraction elements, treating revitalizing and giving young looking appearance of the skin.
This is our cosmetic solution that we propose, for diminishing the muscle spasms of the skin correcting the face wrinkles, as this has been proven from laboratory researches.
As a result, the age marks that accumulate on the facial characteristics are minimized, thus correcting the expression wrinkles.


The cream is very effective, when applied in the following areas:

Middle of the eye-brows

Goose’s leg (outside of the eye brows)

Area between nose and upper lip.



The cream also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a very effective agent for anti-wrinkle creams that is used in the most advanced anti- geriatric treatments today.
The sun protective UVa & UVb filters protect your skin from sun-irradiation.


It’s a fine shining cream, soothing the skin even in dry skin conditions, smoothing the Keratin level cells of the skin. Protects, nourishes, regenerates with its special anti-wrinkle and anti-stress treatment restoring small wounds, injuries and cracks of the skin.



Clean your face first and then apply enough quantity of the cream doing with your fingers cycles and upward movements, morning and evening for 28 days.
You continue every morning for conservation of your skin’s good condition and you soon realize the excellent result after a short period of time. NEW PACKAGING of 50 ml.



Please remember to keep closed the cover of the jars of the creams and all products, to be stored in a cool and dry please.
Dr. Savvas J. Lionis



All So Natural creams have a very light aroma so you can use your own perfume as you wish