Kaymaki Polis Ladies - Advanced, Hydrating, Nutritive & Revitalizing Night Cream

Nowadays that the night cream tends to disappear, Kaymaki restores the rejuvenation and beautification of woman's skin during night.
The Kaymaki is a unique word and trademarked.

KAYMAKI means a top finest cream for face and body, which was known over 500 years in Byzantine period in Constantinople and Smyrni in Mediterranean Asia and later in Balkan Countries and Europe.
In fact Kaymaki was a name for face and body night creams, made by pharmacists, chemists, Doctors and Technician’s and was of great reputation from 1850 to 1920, when it was disappeared during the A World War.
Generally, these creams were products of science and practical experience from wise scientists to practical experts in Cosmetics and the woman’s youth was prolonged for good many years.





Dr. S.I. Lionis, having old recipes and ingredients both natural and of biotechnology, from 1963 to 1999, collecting experience from abroad, created 54 UNIQUE RECIPES that were successfully tested, that are now through SO NATURAL company at the customers' disposal.


From 1999 to 2007 with continuous research, experiments, clinical trials and test application to women, the forgotten and abandoned “kaymakis” WERE BORN AGAIN, from our company, with new enriched compositions, adjusted to the latest demands of the women, based in old remedies but and using Natural agents and from Biotechnology we concluded, giving to the women a unique NIGHT CREAM which rehydrates, rejuvenates and deeply nourishes the skin during the night and leaver it fresh, youth looking, soft, shining and full of Health.


Now, there is only one Kaymaki, the one from so Natural, WITH ADVANCED AND PROPER SYNTHESIS; a perfect night Beauty Cocktail for all skin types and the women can feel the difference from the soft and silky skin so the women realize that using the product every night, is preventing dryness and sensitivity of the skin, and feels a velvet sensation of her skin.


Scientifically, “Kaymaki” creates a healthy skin, able to face the solar irradiation and the cold-dry atmosphere, increases the immunity of the skin, repairs the protein chains to normal, and the micro-wounds and scratches are healed. Chios Mastic oil, olive oil, Monoi etc strengthens Kaymaki’s action.
Also contains Herbal Flavonoids (Le souci in France-1st circulation press Medical 1933), material anti-age, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory with healing properties.

It’s impossible to describe all privileges of Kaymaki, but, according to our ingredients, your pharmacist, chemist or doctor can explain you the lot.

Kaymaki reduces the wrinkles, increases protein and lipidic synthesis, regenerates and increases skin elasticity. Increases the cell regeneration, softness and healing.
Also, one of its ingredients is anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant giving to Kaymaki hypoallergenic properties.



Clean your face first and then apply enough quantity of the cream doing with your fingers cycles and upward movements every night. Let the special substances of your cream to treat your skin all night long. NEW PACKAGING of 50 ml.



Please remember to keep closed the cover of the jars of the creams and all products, to be stored in a cool and dry please.
Dr. Savvas J. Lionis



All So Natural creams have a very light aroma so you can use your own perfume as you wish